P A R A S I T I C    C O M P U T I N G
Diploma Thesis, University of Applied Sciences, Bern Switzerland
Copyright © 2002 Jürg Reusser, Luzian Scherrer


Name Description Location
Conceptual Formulation This link points to the conceptual formulation of this diploma thesis. Internet
CVS Repository Our CVS repository is publicly browsable; this is the best place to follow changes in the sourcecode. parasit.org Website
University of Notredame The parasitic computing webpage of the University of Notredame on which our work is based. Internet
Nature Magazine This is an article from Nature Magazine that describes the work done by the scientists at Universifity of Notredame. Local mirror
Supplementary Material A supplementary article about Parasitic Computing by Albert-László Barabási, et al. Local mirror
South Bend Tribune Another article about Parasitic Computing by the South Bend Tribune titled: „ND team tests Parasitic Computing„. Local mirror
TCP Presentation Presentation slides by the ND.edu team. Local mirror
Website Statistics Gerated access-statistics about the parasit.org Website. parasit.org Website
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