P A R A S I T I C    C O M P U T I N G
Diploma Thesis, University of Applied Sciences, Bern Switzerland
Copyright © 2002 Jürg Reusser, Luzian Scherrer


Name Description Status Updated Language
Combined The whole documentation bundled with title sheet and master-index, optimized to be printed in duplex mode. Final 06-JAN-2003 German
Pflichtenheft The functional specifications and the assessment factor that apply to this project. Final 11-JUN-2002 German
Realisierungskonzept An extension to the Pflichtenheft. This document contains the detailed technical specification, it served as the main reference for the effective implementation. Final 29-OCT-2002 German
Handbuch This is user's and the programmer's manual for all the components and the defined programming languages. Final 05-JAN-2003 German
Systemdesign This document describes the technical design and interaction of the software components. Final 03-JAN-2003 German
Auswertungen Statistics about the efficiency of the final implementation. Final 05-JAN-2003 German
Ethik This is a short paper about the ethical aspects of parasites in general and the parasitic computing methodology. Final 04-AUG-2002 German
Labjournal A chronological overview of how the project progresses. Final 06-JAN-2003 German
Projektbericht The conclusion of the whole project. Final 06-JAN-2003 German
Literatur Bibliography for all the documents. Final 06-JAN-2003 German
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